Charlotte Crosby Faces Cruel Trolling On Latest Instagram Snap

Char has come under fire from followers, again...

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has built up an army of fans over recent years with her straight-talking, unfiltered behaviour on reality TV.

Some of her antics MAY turn a lot of people off, but for others it only adds to that strange Charlotte charm that fans have come to know and love.

Charlotte Crosby

And to be fair to the Newcastle lass, she’s created a seriously impressive career for herself outside of Geordie Shore, from her work-out DVDs to her multiple TV triumphs including winning Celebrity Big Brother and hosting her own show Just Tattoo Of Us with beau Stephen Bear.

However, Char has faced her fair share of haters on social media who have criticised both her behaviour and her appearance. *Sighs*.

And when posting THIS proud selfie on Instagram this week, some trolls couldn’t help commenting.

The 27-year-old captioned the work-out snap: ‘BUZZING after today’s #FOF results – lost 8lbs 💪🏻 so decided to make time for another little workout to keep it up 🏃‍♀💦 .’

But while it’s clear Char looks amazing, unfortunately not everyone agreed.

One follower accused the snap of being edited: ‘It been photoshopped. Look at her back u can clearly see where her back is meant to be. Dont get me wrong i love charlotte. And think she is great. But don’t put false photos up. Or sack the person who did it. [sic],’ while another slammed Char as a ‘terrible example’: ‘I like you but you’re setting a terrible example to young impressionable girls. Restricted way too much [sic].’

Charlotte Crosby

Others seemed concerned about the Geordie girl’s weight loss, writing: ‘Your face has changed,you need to put on a few pounds…😞 #iknowthesigns #beentheredonethat take care [sic],’ and: ‘As much as I love your posts and you do look amazing please don’t lose any more weight! You’re becoming too thin😞 you need to stop losing weight or you’re going to be ill [sic].’

However, many had her back: ‘I don’t know why the negative comments she clearly is healthy and her weight is not an issue charlotte wants to loose a few pounds not anything drastic charlotte is far from stupid so keep the negativity to yourselves [sic].

Another agreed: ‘To all the body shaming people out there, if charlotte is happy with how much she weighs them that is all that matters. It’s not your body to comment on so why say horrible things.’

We completely agree. If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

By Emily Jefferies