Charlotte Crosby Hurt Herself At Beyonce’s Concert

It’s no secret that Charlotte Crosby has made quite a few changes to her appearance since her early days on Geordie Shore.

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But fans appear to have been left a little surprised by an Instagram post from her most recent night out.

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Posting a selfie before heading to a Beyonce concert (we’re pretty jel’), the reality star shocked a few fans, with many claiming not to recognise her.

Comments included: ‘You don’t look like yourself in this picture but you still look beautiful’, ‘doesn’t even look like Charlotte!’ and ‘Ahh man you need to stop the surgery….’

Come on, guys. If Charlotte’s happy, that’s all that matters. And she does love that contour.

Following her big night out, the former MTV star shared a cryptic tweet about ‘needles’, but it turns out she’s not having anything cosmetic done.

She tweeted: ‘Today is gunna be seriously bad! It is gunna involve lots of pain and probly needles ouchhhhhhh WHYYY me’ [sic].

Blimey. Sounds pretty scary, right?


Poor Charlotte seems to have injured her big toe, posting a very gruesome picture to her Snapchat followers. It’s so gruesome, in fact, that we can’t look at it for long enough to publish here (sorry!)…

She later followed up, ‘My toe hurts so so so so much I could cry’.

Oh Charlotte 🙁

The 26-year-old hasn’t explained exactly how she injured herself, although she did party the night away with Queen Bey, and we all know how dangerous killer heels can be…

Her devoted fans have been quick to send their well-wishes.

We hope it gets better soon, Char.