Charlotte Crosby Shows Off A VERY Full Pout During Rant On Snapchat

The reality tv star unleashed her fury on International Women’s Day

If you’re a Geordie Shore star and have something you want to get off your chest, the ONLY way to do it is, Snapchat, right? Which is exactly where Charlotte Crosby did her rant yesterday.

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On International Women’s Day Crosby decided enough was enough and took to social media to tell girls to stop being nasty!

Crosby was furious about something…

“I am very angry this very second. Some people are just stupid little pr**** and most of them are girls.”

Yowzers. Remembering she was ranting on IWD, Crosby backtracked slightly saying; “I don’t feel like it’s best to go into that on International Women’s Day, so, erm, yeah…”

The reason behind Crosby’s sudden unhappy snaps is still unknown but Crosby’s followers and fans have been focussing on the size of Char’s pout rather than the rant.

Comments likes “Charlotte Crosby’s lipas are getting a tad out of control,” have been popping up on Twitter.

Her lips look like they have been recently plumped

Char has been very open about her love for lip fillers in the past, admitting they make her feel much more confident.


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Speaking to the Daily Mail last year, Crosby said, “I had the thinnest top lip before,” revealing she now gets them done every five or six months up north.

We think it’s great Charlotte is feeling more confident but don’t want her to change too much!