Charlotte Crosby Is Accused Of Photoshopping Her Butt For Instagram

The 26-year-old's latest snap has sparked speculation...

Charlotte Crosby has always been very open about the cosmetic procedures she’s undergone.

In the past, the ex-Geordie Shore star’s spoken about having lip fillers and a nose job. So it wouldn’t make much sense for her to suddenly get all secretive, would it?

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Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby has been very open about her cosmetic procedures

But unfortunately, she’s been accused of another type of body modification altogether – Photoshopping her Instagram photos.

This speculation began when Charlotte shared a snap of herself and her Just Tattoo Of Us co-star Stephen Bear enjoying a very cosy-looking snooze yesterday.

She’d captioned the image: ‘We like to nap on set 😴 @stevie_bear.’

We like to nap on set 😴 @stevie_bear

A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

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Charlotte, 26, appeared to be wearing nothing but a T-shirt, hoodie and a pair of furry boots in the shot, while 27-year-old Bear hugged her legs.

However, it wasn’t the saucy pose that got people talking. Instead, it was the size of her, er, butt.

Some suggested that the shape of the mobile phone lying next to her may hint that the image had been edited. Hmm.

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear are starring on new show Just Tattoo Of Us together

Comments included: ‘Ass looks photoshopped, look at the shape of the phone 😂😂😂,’ and: ‘Photoshopped her bum😂😅look at the curve on her phone.’

However, others stuck up for Charlotte.

One wrote: ‘Who the f*** cares if she photoshopped it like seriously 😒 as if this s*** is news 😑 people need lives seriouslyyy.!!! Oh by the way @charlottegshore use look cute 😄,’ and:
‘Looks like a blanket is covering part of the phone to me!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ [sic].’

Whatever the case, we have one question. WHO TOOK THE PICTURE? Explain yourself, lady!