Charlotte Crosby’s New Nose Sparks A Big Debate

According to BBC News, 85% of people who have cosmetic surgery are women. In 2015, there were more than 10 million cosmetic procedures in the US alone.

Pretty scary statistics, right? It’s clear that cosmetic work is booming. 

It’s no secret that Charlotte Crosby has been looking to get her nose done for a while. And after weeks of hiding that part of her face on Instagram – cheeky one, missy – she finally made the BIG reveal to her fans. 

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Taking a pouty selfie, the Geordie Shore star announced, ‘I’m BACKKKK and I can finally show my nose off BUZZING’.

Her fans were quick to pounce on the picture, with comments coming in thick and fast. 

Some seemed quite sad at the reality star’s decision, with one saying: ‘doesn’t even look like charlotte anymore :(‘ 

One comment read, ‘I liked her better before’, and another of her fans said, ‘She should have kept her natural one’.

Obviously, cosmetic surgery is a personal and very big decision, not to be taken lightly or without proper medical advice. 

One fan wrote, ‘No point being miserable @charlottegshore’.

Another jumped into the debate, agreeing ‘Wowza!!! Good on her’.


It seems that Charlotte is loving her new look.

Sharing a ‘before and after’, the 25-year-old explained, ‘Now that I can finally talk about my Nose surgery I wanted to show you all a before and after!

‘Sooooooo happy with my result’.

We’re all about celebrating natural beauty. But Charlotte’s new nose seems to have sparked a big debate. 

Where do you stand?