Charlotte Crosby’s Mum Makes An Appearance On Celebs Go Dating

The 26-year-old gets some relationship advice from Letitia Crosby...

Charlotte Crosby’s still searching for love on Celebs Go Dating.

The E4 show sees stars date members of the public in a bid to find true romance, with other hopeful VIPs including Stephanie Pratt and Joey Essex.

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On last night’s episode, we saw Charlotte chat to her mum Letitia about her expectations before heading out for some man-hunting.

We mean, who better to get advice from than your mam, eh?

The 26-year-old asked Letitia: ‘When you met my dad, was it love and lust at the same time?’ However, we’re not quite sure Charlotte was prepared for the answer.

Letitia said: ‘Yeah we had sex the first night.’

Charlotte Crosby and her mum Letitia

Charlotte Crosby was chatting to her mum on last night’s show

Lolz. Probably not the sort of thing you want to hear your mum say, but props to her for being honest.

Charlotte continued by questioning how long they’d been married for, to which Letitia said: ‘We’ve been together for 17 years now and married 11.’

After that, Charlotte probed: ‘And it was not something that you worked on and growed [sic], it was something that was there straight away?’

Letitia bluntly explained: ‘I wanted to rip his clothes off him.’

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte didn’t seem too bothered by her mum’s openness, saying: ‘Exactly.’ But she still felt the need to state that Letitia is ‘not a sl**.’

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Here at LOOK HQ, we don’t think there’s anything shameful about Letitia’s admission. And we don’t think Charlotte needed to justify her actions at all.

Happily, the majority of viewers agreed with us. Tweets included: ‘@charlottegshore’s mum is as funny as her I can see where she gets it from,’ and: ‘Omg @charlottegshore and her mum on celebs go dating is making me crease [sic].’


However, we can’t help wondering whether Charlotte’s keenness to defend her mum has anything to do with ex Gary Beadle’s recent comments about having sex on the first date.

Gary hit the headlines when he wrote in his Daily Star column: ‘You could have been Mrs Gary Beadle but you just let me bang you after meeting you four hours ago.

‘Nine out of 10 times I’d say it’s true with lads. If you bang them on a first date, you’re not girlfriend material. Don’t put out… but it won’t stop us trying, like.’

Gary Beadle

Gary Beadle recently made some controversial comments about sex on the first date

Um. Double standards, much? Charlotte’s already hit back at this, telling the Daily Mirror: ‘I think there is a good chance you can have a really good relationship after a one night stand.

‘If it happens, you like the person, and they like you, then why not?’

We’re in total agreement with this, so let’s hope Gaz’s words don’t affect her views.