Charlotte Crosby: ‘The Love Island Couples Won’t Last’

Feeling the Love Island withdrawals? You’re not the only one.

Turns out, pretty much the whole country is missing seeing Cara, Kady, Alex et al on our screens every night. And it’s not just us – it’s celebrities too.

Charlotte Crosby was one LI fan who got particularly vocal on Twitter about the Islanders and their antics.


Remember when Terry hooked up with Emma just hours after Malin had left the villa?! We mean, how could you forget?

Well, Charlotte had some strong words about the whole sitch back then.


Charlotte Crosby Goes On A Rant About Love Island’s Emma

> Charlotte Crosby had some strong opinions about Love Island’s Terry and Emma



The 26-year-old Tweeted: ‘Didn’t seem like Emma had much remorse there vile #loveislanduk,’ before adding: ‘Why is Emma so self obsessed?’

She later wrote: ‘If @LoveIsland was like big brother I think terry and Emma would be walking out to ALOT of boos [sic].’

Eep. Char also told us just how much she likes scaffolder Alex Bowen, writing in a passionate message: ‘WHY THE F*** IS ALEX SO GOD DAMN F***ING CUTE.’

> Charlotte Crosby had the hots for Alex Bowen


So now we know the outcome of the show (in case you’ve been hiding behind a rock all week, Cara and Nathan won), does she think the couples will last?

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Upsettingly, she’s got one very blunt answer, telling Heat Radio: ‘No – I don’t think so.



‘I think Nathan and Cara might, and Scott and Kady have a chance, but I’m unsure about Alex and Olivia because they have been so up and down.’

Oh. Charlotte backed up her point by referencing last year’s couples, continuing: ‘It’s only Luis and Cally who are still together. Even Hannah and Jon split and, I loved them – they were the strongest couple.’

We guess she has a point, but we’re still holding out hope…