Charlotte Crosby Hits Back At Lillie Lexie Gregg’s ‘Publicity Stunt’ Jibe

Gaz Beadle's ex, Lillie, accuses Charlotte Crosby of using her ectopic pregnancy as a 'publicity stunt'....

Charlotte Crosby has hit back at Lillie Lexie Gregg after those slightly harsh comments about her emotional ectopic pregnancy confession.

Lillie, who is Gaz Beadle’s ex girlfriend, accused the Geordie Shore star of using her horribly traumatic experience to get publicity. Wow.

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Lillie Lexie Grace

Gaz’s ex Lillie blasted Charlotte for going public with her ectopic pregnancy story without telling Gaz…

‘I think it’s disgraceful that she’d talk about her ectopic pregnancy for publicity,’ the 25-year-old told the Daily Star. ‘It’s private.

‘She used it as a way to get back at Gary’, Lillie added.

Charlotte has since taken to Twitter to respond – but instead of getting angry, she simply expressed how sad Lillie’s comments made her.

‘Not the best of days when a painful time in your life gets brought back up for some1 else’s gain ?’, Char tweeted.

And she’s been flooded with words of supports from fans who also thought Lillie’s interview about such a painful issue was a little below the belt.

‘She has a cheek saying your a disgrace when she’s using you and your story for publicity so she’s lower than a disgrace?’, one Charlotte supporter blasted.

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charlotte gaz

‘Don’t let yourself be hurt over someone who is completely irrelevant’s opinion. She’s only known cos of who she’s dated’, said another.

To be fair to Lillie, she did say she felt ‘deeply sorry’ for what Charlotte went through, but said she thought she should have spoken to Gary first before going public.