Charlotte Crosby Breaks Down On Live TV As She Thanks Fans For Support

Poor Char has had a bit of a tough time...

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby appeared on Ireland AM this morning and discussed the emotional time she’s been going through recently.

The appearance came just hours after her ex Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle announced to the public that he was expecting his first child with girlfriend Emma McVey.

‘Honestly I get so overwhelmed by all the support, it actually gets me a bit emotional,’ Char’s voice began to break. ‘I’ve gotten so many nice messages over the past couple of days.’

And when the presenters empathised with the Geordie star about how hard Gaz’s big news must be for her to take – considering Charlotte sadly suffered an ectopic pregnancy with Gaz last year – the gorgeous girl admitted things with boyfriend Stephen Bear had been tough recently, too.

‘Not only that [Gary’s news] but me and Stephen have had some hard times lately as well. I can’t even describe how grateful I am for all the support,’ she emphasised.

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But fans of Char and Bear will be happy to know that they have worked through their issues: ‘We are better now, we went through a bit of a tough week last week, but we are so much better, thank god.’

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear

‘He’s going to see the fight in Las Vegas so I’m going to really miss him.’

And Char wished Gary and Emma ‘all the best’ as they start their new adventure into parenthood.

The Geordie lad took to Snapchat to thank everyone for the support: ‘It means so much, all the messages on Instagram and Twitter. I’m going to be a dad, honestly I could not be more excited. I can’t wait, I’m ready for it, I’m so excited.’

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Gary and Emma are expecting their first child together

‘I love kids, I always have and I feel like this is the right time. I thought I’d be scared but I’m not,’ Gaz was clearly elated at the news.

‘Also quick one,’ he added. ‘I know the sex of the baby, and I’m not going to tell any of yous [sic]! I’m sure this is going to be an eventful next year, winter… whenever it’s due,’ he teased his fans, assuring them that he would let them know in due course whether he would be having a little boy or girl.

Congratulations to Gary and Emma on their amazing news, and well done to Char for speaking out about what she’s been going through!

By Emily Jefferies