Charlotte Crosby Has Some Strong Feelings About One Love Island Lady

The reality TV star has been making her feelings very clear on Twitter...

Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville have been giving many viewers #CoupleGoals for the majority of their time on Love Island.

It’s fair to say that the former Blazin’ Squad member has been absolutely smitten since the day that Gabby entered the villa, and it didn’t take too long for them to couple-up.

Gabby and Marcel on Love Island

Marcel and Gabby have always seemed one of the strongest couples

However, it also has to be noted that a number of viewers – and, in fact, some of the islanders – have started to question whether the romance was a little one-sided.

And Tuesday night’s lie detector test seems to have made this worse, with many taking the results as confirmation that Gabby might not be feeling it.

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One of the questions put to the 25-year-old was: ‘Are you looking forward to having sex with Marcel?’

The pair haven’t done the deed in the villa, with her mum Paula explaining that Gabby had ‘made the decision she would not do that’ whilst on the show.

Of course, this is entirely her decision and should be respected. But when it turned out that, according to the test, she isn’t looking forward to the time when they can finally, er, go all the way, Marc’ seemed pretty devastated.

A little later, when pressed on whether she is in love with the 31-year-old, she chose to answer ‘no’ – which came back as the truth. Of course, she has since announced her love by pulling off a garden stunt with the other girls, but viewers have been left a little confused.

One viewer, fellow reality star Charlotte Crosby, was very active on Twitter during the episode.

Charlotte Crosby

She made her feelings pretty clear when she retweeted a message that read: ‘Don’t think gabbys into marcel at all.. never kiss, cuddle, spoon or anything, I think she just got him as he’s the popular one #LoveIsland.’


Charlotte, who shot to fame on MTV’s Geordie Shore, later wrote: ‘Gabby does not like Marcel. She’s fake. I call it from day one. Feel so sorry for Marcel.’

She also hit out: ‘CALLED IT AGES AGO…. Gabby just isn’t that into him’ [sic].

Replying to a fan, she explained the reason for her hunch, saying: ‘I think it’s so funny how every1 is assuming the fact they don’t have sex….I said it because her whole behaviour towards him is COLD. [sic]’.


Marcel seems to have discounted the results of the lie detector, and there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding the accuracy of the results.

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