Charlotte Crosby *Doesn’t* Think That Marnie And Lewis Will Work After CBB

The Geordie Shore star's pal has spoken out about her relationship with Lewis Bloor...

If there’s one thing you can rely on from Charlotte Crosby, it’s an honest opinion.

Days after Lewis Bloor was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, leaving his new girlfriend Marnie Simpson behind, the former Geordie Shore star has revealed that she doesn’t actually see Marns and Lew’ working outside of the house.


Marnie and Lewis Bloor

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Whilst she has branded the TOWIE star a ‘perfect gentleman’, Charlotte just doesn’t think he’s suited to Marnie.

Speaking to New! magazine, she explained, ‘I don’t see anything materialising with them on the outside. I don’t think Marnie’s suited to him.’

It seems like it’s nothing personal against Lewis, though, as Charlotte admits that she just doesn’t see Marnie settling down with anyone


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The 26-year-old continued: ‘She hasn’t had a boyfriend since Ricky and I was surprised when she got with him!

‘I can’t imagine her being with anyone when she’s older. She’s very independent; she doesn’t rely on people so I can’t picture her with anyone.’

But what about her Geordie ex Aaron Chalmers? Marnie caused quite the social media stir when she mentioned him in the CBB house…

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Charlotte said, ‘I love Aaron and Marnie. They’re cute and they look so good together, but it’s only something that happens in Geordie Shore.’

She added: ‘They’ve tried outside the house bit it never really works.’

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor

Well, Marnie seemed devastated when Lewis was voted out of the show, and he’s wasted no time in defending their ‘love’ since his exit.

Perhaps they’ll prove Charlotte, and their critics, wrong?

We’ll be watching this one closely.