Now Charlotte Crosby’s DENIED That She And Stephen Bear Have Split

Just what IS going on here...?

So… the prize for most confusing couple of the day goes to Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear.

Charlotte, 27, announced last night that she and Bear, also 27, had broken up, Tweeting: ‘Gutted that me and Stephen had to separate but I tried my hardest and it obvs wasn’t good enough 😿.’

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She then took to Snapchat to elaborate, telling fans: ‘So obviously I’m really gutted, and I love Stephen more than anything in the world but I just don’t think I’m what Stephen wants right now.

‘I can’t carry on trying to fight for a relationship where someone else isn’t really fighting as hard.

‘Maybe my reasons aren’t as validated as he thinks but I just don’t know why I get so upset about someone who doesn’t care.

‘I know everyone might think they know my life but actually you don’t know the half of it because a lot of things that a lot people don’t know.’

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby posted a teary rant on Snapchat last night

At this point, she started to break down, adding: ‘I love Stephen so much but when someone is so selfish to always put themselves in front and not care about the little things that you ask them to do, that are so important to you, just makes you question whether they care at all.’

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However, she returned to Snapchat this morning – and denied everything she’d said. Oh.

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby backtracked on Snapchat this morning

Working a face mask, she said: ‘So I would like to kind of explain and apologise for my behaviour last night.

‘The top and bottom of it is I was a massive d***, a massive drunk d*** who decided to go on Snapchat and every other social media to tell nearly six million people a load of s***.

‘Obviously no relationship is perfect, you always have the ups and downs, but I feel like I just did what any other girl does when they see red. And I am sorry for that.

Best friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Too much love Forever

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‘Me and Stephen aren’t actually separated or finished, we just had a little bit of a row.’

Since then, numerous snaps have appeared on her Instagram of her and Bear together, with captions including: ‘My one and only love who I will love forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @stevie_bear.’

We mean, we’re glad to hear that everything’s A-okay in Camp Charlotte and Bear. But this is a good lesson in never drinking and social media-ing, no?