Charlotte Crosby Hopes CBB’s Saira Khan ‘Never Works Again’

Eek. Charlotte Crosby has shared her opinion on CBB's Saira Khan...

Any true Big Brother fan will have probably formed multiple opinions on every single housemate (and possibly even their immediate family too) before any of them have even set foot in the house. Right? Right.

So, it comes as *no* surprise that BB fans have taken to social media to share these well-formed CBB opinions- including Miss Charlotte Crosby, resident Geordie Shore-er and close friend of Marnie Simpson.

During last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Loose Women’s Saira Khan decided to re-enact Chloe Khan’s massage scene- even sporting a stuffed bra in order to recreate the ‘gals impressive cleavage.

Chloe, who was already pretty upset after overhearing a not-very-nice conversation about her between some of the older members of the house, was very upset by Saira’s unflattering impression of her.

And, because of this, some people were very disappointed in Saira- with many sharing on Twitter that they felt she had been ‘slut-shaming’ Chloe…

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Charlotte Crosby also took to her Twitter to share how she felt about the episode, writing: ‘I honestly hope SAIRA doesn’t work again, for her bullying rank disrespectful behaviour. I’d be embarrassed to be one of your children’.

Saira, who has since been evicted, has spoken about her time in the CBB house with her fellow Loose Women- revealing she felt ‘assaulted in every direction’ over the Marnie Simpson ‘bullying’ scandal.

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The mum-of-two shared: ‘I’d had a breakdown, I was really missing my family and all of a sudden this girl [Marnie] puts her boobs in my face and says: “You’re jealous of these”. I just thought I feel really sorry for you, that you have such low self-esteem that you even consider that a dare’.

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Saira adds, ‘When I walked into the house the first question [Marnie] asked was: “Who you gonna sleep with?” In her world that is acceptable behaviour and that’s what shocked me’.

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