Charlotte Crosby Tweets About Her ‘Worst Decision’

Guys. It’s official. Charlotte Crosby is NOT planning on returning to Geordie Shore.

Sad face.

The reality star recently quit the show that made her famous, after a very emotional week which saw her speaking out about her traumatic ectopic pregnancy and exchanging some very harsh words with ex Gary Beadle.

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A source then came forward to claim that Charlotte might be considering a return for special episodes, but it seems that she’s just shut down those rumours once and for all.

She tweeted: ‘I am no longer a part of Geordie shore and have no plans in returning. It’s massively devastating for me and I will miss them all’.

She continued, ‘But I’m ready and MASSIVELY excited for my real life to start now.’


What’s more, the rest of the MTV cast have flown off to start filming the new series, leaving CC behind. Sad times.

Charlotte announced to her followers: ‘This is gunna be a VERY VERY hard couple of months’.


She also revealed: ‘When you realise you made what seems like the worst decision of your life… I’ve lost my family….my life. Cast and CREW’.

In a tweet that appears to have been deleted, Gaz took the opportunity to respond to his former flame, saying, ‘It’s not to late… Get a bag packed and get your arse here…’


Considering Charlotte recently said that she ‘doesn’t want to be associated’ with him EVER again, we’re not sure his words of comfort would have been very welcome…

But we’re sending you our love, Charlotte.