Charlie Hunnam in Sons Of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam’s Sons Of Anarchy: 5 Reasons To Watch The New Series

Sons Of Anarchy might not be our usual TV staple (it’s not exactly SATC) but with the star Charlie Hunnam just having been announced as Fifty Shades’ Christian Grey we decided it was worth a watch.

Centred around a US motorcycle gang and their sort of (aka, very) illegal enterprises, think leather jackets, guns and bad boys. But don’t be put off if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea because there’s plenty to keep you hooked until Fifty Shades Of Grey hits cinemas. We’ve already covered 6 things you should know about Charlie Hunnam, now check out the 5 reasons you should be watching the new series of his hit TV show, Sons Of Anarchy.

1. Two words: Charlie Hunnam. Two more words: Christian Grey. Lots more words: Charlie Hunnam, aka Christian Grey, will be starring in the new series of Sons Of Anarchy as sexy bad boy and leader of the motorcycle gang, Jax Teller, and that alone is a good enough reason to watch it *GASP*. Plus, Charlie isn’t the only hot guy in this show…

2. If you’re anything like us then you love action just as much as romance when it comes to TV shows. Car/bike chases, cop shoot-outs, rival gang wars, drug smuggling, prison fights… you name it, Sons Of Anarchy has it, and all while maintaining a structured storyline. We know, we didn’t think that was possible either!

3. If you think SOA is all about the men, then think again. There’s few TV shows with female characters as strong as these, and believe us when we say they’re the type you don’t want to mess with. From Jax’s matriarchal Mother Gemma, to his feisty wife Tara, there’s no shortage of bitch fights in this TV show – and everyone knows it’s the woman behind the man who has the real power.

4. As well as following the gang’s less than saintly goings on, SOA is also big on community. Most of the citizens of its town, Charming, don’t see the Sons as a menace but more like slightly hairy protectors. They help people out when they can and look after their own. If that isn’t enough to warm your heart then we don’t know what is!

5. Finally, the best bit about Sons Of Anarchy series 6 is that there will be LOADS of opportunities for Charlie to practice his dominating demeanour so that it’s up to par for Fifty Shades Of Grey. If you don’t believe us, watch him take his bad boy attitude out for a test drive in the trailer below.

The first episode of Sons Of Anarchy series 6 premieres tonight (10th September) on FX.

By Lauren O’Callaghan

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