Charlie Hunnam Gets Brad Pitt’s Seal Of Approval: “He’s A Good Egg!”

Charlie Hunnam has literally found himself in our dream scenario as Brad Pitt has bigged up the hunky actor, revealing he’s pretty fond of the 50 Shades Of Grey star (well jel!)

The 49-year-old dad spilled on Mr Christian Grey himself, telling Access Hollywood: “I know Charlie, he’s a great guy.”

Bradders, who’s currently promoting his new flick 12 Years A Slave, added: “He’s a good egg and one of those guys that are putting story and craft first”. 

Ummm… does Brad know the sort of scenes Charlie and Dakota Johnson will be filming in the coming weeks?!

Perhaps sex scenes ARE a craft for hunky Mr Hunnam – he did admit that his first sex scene was filmed at the tender age of 18.

The future Mr Grey will be more than chuffed by Brad’s comments following the criticism he recieved after landing the highly anticipated role for the S&M themed movie after months of speculation on who the sexy CEO would be.

Could this be Hollywood’s latest bromance? We hope so! 

By Zara Zubeidi

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