Did Chantelle Connelly Just Hint That Geordie Shore Is ‘False’?

The Newcastle lady's latest Instagram post has got fans *pretty* confused...

Um. Did one of the Geordie Shore girls just claim that the show is FAKE?!

We’re not sure, but Chantelle Connelly’s revelations about the upcoming series have come as a bit of a shock to her Instagram followers.

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The Newcastle lady quit the show back in June, after admitting to kissing her co-star Gary Beadle.

But she ended up receiving quite a backlash when she shared a quote about being faithful earlier this week, due to the fact that she had a boyfriend when she hooked up with Gaz.

The post read: ‘All lads wana do is make sure your not cheating on him while he’s cheating on you. And accuse you of cheating on him cause he cheating on you [sic].’

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Gary Beadle

Chantelle has admitted tp kissing Gary Beadle

This led to comments including: ‘Im so confused?? You kissed gary? Whaaaattt. Girl code chantelle, girl code!!’ and: ‘u cheated on your ex bf when u filmed gs this summer tho… with gaz [sic].’

However, she allegedly hit back: ‘Think you need to get your facts right! [sic].

‘My bf knew I had to have a story line with Gary. Was totally honest with him and he was ok with it!!!’

This reportedly led one confused follower to reply: ‘Storyline #all #false @chantellegshore just spoilt @geordieshoremtv for us all there or just me.’

Loving my curly blow from @bradrogerson93 @longlox_hairextensions ???

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But Chantelle didn’t seem too fazed, responding: ‘Couldn’t give to flying f**** pet.’

Gary, 28, has previously insisted that Geordie Shore is 100% real, saying: ‘We do what every average kid does. You go out, you might sleep with someone you regret.

‘We couldn’t be like TOWIE. We wouldn’t be able to remember our scripts.’

Hmm. It’s all very confusing…