Celebs Wearing Puffa Jackets: How To Style It Out The A-Lister Way

Because no one wants to look like a member of East 17...

No doubt about it, puffa jackets are having a bit of a moment right now. And no, Honey G has absolute nothing to do with it – thank heavens.

Now, while inside we’re secretly rejoicing — come on, it’s pretty freezing out there, and wearing a snuggly duvet as outerwear ticks all our cosy boxes — the mighty puffa jacket can draw a bit of a style blank. How does one wear a puffa jacket without looking like some ’90s playground ruffian? A question we feel we’ve all asked ourselves at some point this winter, right?

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Well, thanks be to the lords of all things sartorial that those trusty celebrities are on hand to solve this puffa problem. Rihanna kicked off her voluminous affair with the puff during Paris Fashion Week (THAT baby pink beauty? Only Ri…), and since then, everyone from Kendall to Kylie are 100% getting in on this toasty trend – AND (more importantly) managing to not look completely daft whilst rocking it.

So, if you were previously a bit shy of the poofy puffa, fear not. Let these street-stylin celebs show you the way to snuggle-bunny greatness.


1. The full-length
This puffa is the absolute bad boy of full-body warmth. To be attempted only when the weather is cold enough to make breathing a bit hurty, otherwise you may suffer a Victorian-esque lady-swoon on the tube – and no one wants that.
Ri has avoided looking like a human sleeping bag by wearing her full-length puffa with an updo and camo pants – IRL, think along the same lines. Eye-catching accessories, prints and/or a high pony will give this baby some interest. Yep, who’s laughing now freezing bus stop people?!


2. The gym puffa
No-one demonstrates gym chic better than Karlie Kloss, so if you’re looking for the perfect post-workout layer, the athleisure puffa is the one for you. In fact, we reckon you can just about get away with this off-duty sports look without squatting like it’s hot. Just don a pair of Klossy-esque leggings, lace up your favourite sneaks and bounce out the door. Hey, we can tell everyone we’ve just come from pilates…


3. The metallic
Trust Kendall to take a trend and completely knock it out of the ball park. We’re loving this statement gold puff in all its metallic majesty. Don’t feel you have to be a fash extrovert to rock one of these shimmery beauties though, just make like KenJen and pair with black skinnies and an oversized tee. The scarf adds a smidge of catwalk bravado, but we think a layered polo neck would work just as well. Plus, FAR more practical in this grim weather. Win/win.


4. The red carpet cover-up
Is there an unwritten rule declaring that puffa jackets can’t make the red carpet? Hell no. Model Lindsay Ellingson gives us all a lesson in how to rock your shoulder duvet whilst still looking uber glam, and yes, props to this girl for keeping herself nice and warm up top while the pins are left bare to do the talking. Ok, we agree that maybe no tights might be a little brave for this time of year, but donning a pair of black opaques (or fishnets if you’re feeling a bit cheeky) will take nothing away from this nighttime look.


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5. The supersize
Overnight, Kylie Jenner has made this maxi-puffa oh so Instagrammable, and we’re absolutely loving the slinky threads she’s rocking underneath. Whether you’re robbing your BF’s jacket or opting for a ‘Stay Puft’ Marshmallow Man jacket of your very own (think Ghostbusters), make sure that you are keeping the rest of the outfit simple and figure-hugging. Don’t run the risk of leaving the house looking like a deflated hot hair balloon. Heeled boots will give you a bit of length. Plus, you can always have a bit of a sneaky nap while no one’s watching. Happy days.

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