Viewers React To The New Series Of Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls

One celeb in particular has REALLY annoyed viewers...

Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls is BACK, people!

Yep, that’s right – we get to enjoy another series of watching celebs swap the red carpet for the jungle as they try to make it through a month stranded on an island with nothing but their instincts to help them.

And this year’s line up looks pretty exciting, with a mix of Olympians, musicians, actors and comedians.

However, viewers were NOT happy about one celebrity in particular when the series kicked off last night…

After former Olympic athlete Iwan Thomas quickly asserted himself as the ‘alpha male’ – admitting he wanted people to look up to him as the leader of the group – fans of the show didn’t seem too impressed.

Iwan Thomas is joined on the islander by Corrie’s Ryan Thomas and Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan Stephens

And Iwan quickly made things worse for himself when he started making the decisions for the group (which didn’t actually pan out very well) and compared his emotional state to ‘what it feels like to be a woman’…

Yep, he really did.

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Talking to the camera after he and his team failed to find water for the camp, Iwan sounded annoyed: ‘I’ve built my career on being physically and mentally stronger than those around me. I’m embarrassed… I just want to be the one that everyone turns to. It’s horrible being a shadow of yourself.

‘I don’t want to sound sexist with what I’m about to say – but I feel hormonal. I imagine this is what it feels like to be a woman. I don’t even think I’ve got a d**k left,’ he moaned.

Hmm, well it’s no surprise that this got people’s backs up a bit.

Iwan shared this snap of the celebs jetting off on their adventure

When comedian Shazia Mirza successfully took a female-led team out to find the water, one viewer sarcastically tweeted: ‘Oh look Iwan, the women found the water that you couldn’t. How on earth did that do that with all their hormones..? #CelebrityIsland’ and another agreed that the sprinter had gone too far with his comments: ‘Iwan Thomas is such a bigot, he is actually vile #beargrylls #CelebrityIsland’

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Viewers were also upset with Iwan after he admitted to the group that he thought former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh would be too ‘ditzy’ for the show: ‘Why do some men assume girls are ditzy bc they’re young/pretty? Following it up with “u proved me wrong” isn’t a compliment #celebrityisland [sic].’

Others seemed simply fed up of Iwan’s insistence to be the ‘alpha’ of the group, sharing: ‘Iwan Thomas is a plonker. Men who describe themselves as “alpha” are invariably d**kheads. They need a female leader. #CelebrityIsland [sic],’ and: ‘Bear Grylls celebrity Island, honestly iwan Thomas why so arrogant, the women are smashing it tho! #celebrityisland [sic].’

It looks like Ryan Thomas isn’t quite used to the camping lifestyle…

Another celebrity on the show that viewers weren’t all too impressed with was Corrie star Ryan Thomas, after fans of the show were confused about his reaction to having cramp…

‘When you make a sound like a shark bit your leg off and it turned out to be cramp #CelebrityIsland,’ a fan joked on Twitter, and another similarly thought the actor had made a bit of a meal out of it: ‘#CelebrityIsland cramp? Sounded and looked like the guy was being eaten alive by flesh eating jellyfish!’

Well, one thing’s for certain… This series is looking to be as explosive as ever!

By Emily Jefferies