Holiday Like A Celeb

Celebrity Holidays. They’re just a little bit different from our regular ones aren’t they? While we’re enjoying our luxury yacht (ahum, pedalo) Kendall and Kylie Jenner actually ARE on a yacht. And while we fight with the locals for the last sunlounger, Jennifer Aniston’s on her own private beach… But, thankfully, there are some things we can do to holiday like celebrity that don’t involve a) a million pound budget and b) a private jet. Get your Instagram ready… your friends are about to be soooo jealous!

Celebrity Holiday Move One…  The #GirlSquad Photo

No one does it better than Taylor. Grab your mates and find the right envy-inducing backdrop for your totally spontaneous (but actually this took ten times to get right) jumping pose. Don’t forget to caption it #YOLO #Squadgoals.

Celebrity Holidays: Nicole Scherzinger's high street bikini Celebrity Holidays: Nicole Scherzinger’s high street bikini


Celebrity Holiday Move Two… Rock A High Street Bikini

Nicole Scherzinger’s bikini might look expensive but it’s actually from Victoria’s Secret. Score! Everyone knows that your star power is all about making the high street look like D & G’s latest, right? For ultimate A-list points, like Scherzy, never submerge fully.

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Celebrity Holidays: Kate Hudson's Movie Star Shot Celebrity Holidays: Kate Hudson’s Movie Star Shot


Celebrity Holiday Move Three… The Movie Star Pose

Make like poolside pro Kate Hudson by practicing your oh-so natural pose, and then ensuring you have a willing photographer nearby to catch your best side. Fancy shades are a must, obvs.

Kate Hudson’s Bikini Bod Secrets



Celebrity Holiday Move Four… The A-list Accessory

Behold the ultimate A-list pool accessory: The animal inflatable. While Calvin Harris favours swans, Diane Kruger likes a flamingo. If you don’t have one of these, you can’t expect any self-respecting Hollywood star to drop by. Fact.

Celebrity Holidays: Beyonce Celebrity Holidays: Beyonce


Celebrity Holiday Move Five… Tattoo Temporarily

The stars can’t wear their Cartier on the beach, so it’s all about waterproof bling – and that means temporary gold tattoos a la Beyonce. These only take minutes to apply but will ensure you get total celeb-worthy attention. Watch out for those paps, babes. Asos have a good selection.


Celebrity Holidays: Hailey Baldwin Celebrity Holidays: Hailey Baldwin


Celebrity Holiday Move Six…  The Obligatory Shower Shot

Once you’ve bagged yourself the nearest millionaire playboy and invited yourself aboard his yacht, the next step is to perfect the shower pose. Channel Hailey Baldwin  – be sure to hold a model-esque pout throughout.