Why CBB Viewers Are Hitting Back Against The ‘Edited Out’ Twist

Some viewers felt that editing Stacy Francis out of the show was a cruel twist too far on last night's Celebrity Big Brother...

It wouldn’t be Celebrity Big Brother without a few shocking twists. But last night’s ‘Edited Out’ twist was one of the cruellest yet.

For the debut episode of CBB’s new All Stars And New Stars series, the celebrities were split into two groups, with one group being labelled the ‘producers’.

The returning celebrities or ‘producers’ were granted the power to ‘edit out’ a famous housemate from the other group by voting on how interesting a housemate they deemed them to be.

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stacy francis

Some people felt last night’s CBB twist was far too cruel…

As they watched the other half enter the house, the ‘producers’ (made up of the likes of Calum Best, James Jordan and Heidi and Spencer Montag) had to score their fellow housemates out of 10, in terms of how entertaining they thought they seemed.

In the end, it was American Idol contestant Stacey Francis who lost the vote, with the 47-year-old then told by Big Brother to put on a beige hoodie and sit outside in the garden on her own whilst the rest of the housemates mingled and got to know each other during the launch party.

Now, we know Big Brother has a reputation for being a little nasty, but there was something about last night’s ‘editing out’ process that really upset some viewers, who deemed it far too ‘harsh’.

‘If I was put in a house of people I don’t know and excluded, I would feel awful. This twist isn’t funny it’s actually quite cruel! #CBB’, one fan tweeted.

‘I don’t really like this task/producer thing. It feels like bullying?! #cbb’, wrote another.

‘I feel so bad for Stacey 😢 #CBB’, TOWIE star Georgia Kousoulou tweeted.

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