Why We Need To Talk About This ‘Sexist’ Moment On CBB

Viewers branded *this* encounter between Marnie, Lewis and Bear as 'sexist'...

Celebrity Big Brother has stirred up quite the backlash once again, this time highlighting the ‘sexist’ way that Marnie Simpson was treated last night.

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Sure, Stephen Bear raised a lot of eyebrows (and questions) when he smooched his housemate Marnie Simpson. Because, wait a minute, doesn’t he have a girl waiting for him on the outside?

And hasn’t Marnie been getting close to Lewis Bloor?

But a lot of viewers (hands up) took issue with how the whole thing came about in the first place.

Bear didn’t seem too happy about the Geordie Shore star’s closeness to Lewis.

In fact, in some sort of display of male testosterone, he even claimed that he could kiss Marnie ‘if he wanted to’, saying that Lewis hadn’t ‘called dibs’ on her.

Errrr. Excuse us?

Marnie definitely has a say in who, if anyone, she wants to smooch.

‘kay? ‘kay.

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Lewis did actually say this to begin with, but after being pushed by Bear, the TOWIE star snapped,  ‘I did f****** call dibs on Marnie.’


Social media didn’t take too long to have something to say on the subject, labelling the exchange as ‘sexist’ and ‘worrying’.

Heavy D got involved by saying that if Marnie didn’t want to kiss the Ex On The Beach star, she would have said something.

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But the Geordie beauty replied, ‘You’re forgetting that I’m friends with [Bear].

‘It’s awkward for us, if I’m going to say something to him, it’s going to affect the friendship. I feel like Bear has said that to wind people up, I know him, I know of him…’

Nobody should ever feel pressured into doing anything they don’t want to. Fact.