Celebrity Big Brother’s X-Rated Antics Spark Complaints

Viewers aren't happy about all the canoodling in the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, in which Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor got close in the shower

It hasn’t taken long for romance – if you can call it that – to blossom in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor enjoyed a steamy shower together in the latest episode, which aired on August 8, while Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear were doing *something* together in the bathroom. And some viewers were not impressed.

TV regulators Ofcom revealed to The Sun that they’d received 54 complaints, and 34 of those were all about the shower shenanigans. Eep.

Marnie and Lewis Bloor

Get a room, guys.


“We have received 54 complaints about Celebrity Big Brother from last night. We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not,” they said.

Offended viwers have also been taking to Twitter to air their frustrations.

Yep, they sure weren’t holding back on what they thought.

They weren’t keen on Lewis and Marnie either…

We mean, some thought their relationship was moving too fast:

…Whilst others pointed out that their behaviour wasn’t exactly anything new:

And then there’s the fact that they seem to have been pictured together before Big Brother actually began.

The ‘showmance’ element isn’t even the main problem, though. An organisation called MediawatchUK has decided it’s just too smutty for mainstream television, and wants the show axed completely. Eek.

“If Channel 5 needs to resort to this sort of controversy to maintain any interest in Celebrity Big Brother, then perhaps the format needs to be allowed to die a bit more quietly,” they said in a statement to the Daily Star.

Even though the nuddy scenes aired after the 9pm watershed, MediawatchUK is worried children could still see them through the on demand service.”The internet means nudity is on the air 24 hours a day,” they said.

Someone else who isn’t impressed with the behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother house is Gaz Beadle – which is kind of ironic, considering he’s no angel himself. In his Daily Star column last week, he blasted Marnie for ‘trying it on with two lads in less than a week’. What do you think about the complaints? Tweet us @lookmagazine.