Wait… Is *This* Proof That Celebrity Big Brother Is Scripted?

Some suspicious footage was broadcast on the show's live feed yesterday, and Twitter's gone wild...

The whole point of Celebrity Big Brother is that we get to see stars completely stripped-back and real, right?

But unfortunately for the Channel 5 show, it’s come under scrutiny for being a little faker than it appears.

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Celebrity Big Brother scripted

The housemates were (apparently) drifting off to sleep…

This all came about about last night, after Five Star’s live feed showed the contestants wishing each other goodnight and the lights going out.

Big Brother’s voice could be heard announcing on a tannoy: ‘This is Big Brother. Finalists, goodnight.’

So far, so normal, right? But then the lights came back on, the housemates got out of bed and Ricky Norwood was heard congratulating them on a ‘great take’. Um.

Celebrity Big Brother scripted

Frankie Grande looked pretty cosy

As the group casually walked around the bedroom, BB’s voice returned, saying: ‘This is Big Brother. So housemates, just listen to Big Brother again, and Big Brother will just say to you that tomorrow is a really, really big day for all of you.

‘It’s going to start quite early and it’s going to end very late at night, so what Big Brother would suggest is that you all wash your teeth, get whatever washing your bodies you need to get done, have whatever last cigarettes you want to have, and then call it a night relatively quickly.’

Celebrity Big Brother scripted

…then they got up!

Of course, viewers took to Twitter in their droves to question what was going on.

Comments included: ‘Really disappointed at the celebrity big brother fake video.. How can it be scripted 🙁 feel like I’ve been lied to! ??,’ and: ‘My world has just come crashing down after finding out big brother is fake and scripted, this cannot be happening #cbb.’

Past contestants have also spoken out about the furore, with BB15‘s Chris Wright admitting that they did the same on his series.

He Tweeted: ‘RE: The clip going round which appears to suggest Big Brother is scripted. We did similar on our last night. It’s a tiny bit of staging 1/2.

‘Something nice for the final episode, purely staged because it’s impossible getting all housemates to go to bed at the same time. 2/2 #CBB.’

However, he went on to clarify that nothing else during his time on the show was staged.

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Last year’s winner Chloe Wilburn has said: ‘I can promise you nothing like this ever happened in the non celeb version!! I’m shocked X.’

Hmm. A representative for CBB tells The Sun Online: ‘Footage shown on the live feed involved Big Brother alerting housemates of a long final day ahead.

Celebrity Big Brother scripted

‘The show is entirely authentic and the housemates are not scripted.’

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