Celebrity Big Brother Viewers Are ‘Confused’ By *This* Flirty Moment…

Marnie Simpson confesses a 'strong bond' with one of her housemates. But viewers don't really know how to feel about it...

If there’s one thing you can count on from a series of Big Brother, it’s a romance.

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother line-up has already got a few chins wagging, but viewers were left pretty surprised (and confused) by two names that appeared to get their flirt on.

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Yup. Marnie Simpson and Grant Bovey enjoyed a conversation about ‘spooning’, leading Marns to make a confession in the diary room.

Grant Bovey CBB

The 24-year-old Geordie Shore star sparked a cheeky conversation with Grant, with Marnie asking him if he preferred to be ‘big spoon or little spoon’.

Anthea Turner’s ex-husband told her, ‘I have to be careful what I say,’ but Marnie showed him what she meant by acting out the different, um, spoon positions.

Later in the diary room, Marnie confessed to feeling a certain sort of way during their chat.

She said, ‘Grant, he’s a dark horse. I think he fancies us.

‘I feel like me and Grant are flirting. He is sexy, he looks like Kevin Spacey. I feel like we’re flirting badly.

‘Me and Grant have got a strong bond…’

She concluded, ‘He literally wants to have a full-blown affair with me.’

Social media, naturally, had quite a lot to say.

Comments included: ‘Is anyone else uncomfortable watching grant and marnie flirt ? #cbb’ and ‘Bet noone in the world would have put Marnie & Grant Bovey together!! #cbb’ [sic].

Others seemed intrigued, with one tweeting: ‘Haha love how Marnie is with Grant ? so forward #cbb’.

Another wrote, ‘I’m loving this Grant & Marnie romance #CBBUK’.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one…