Celebrity Big Brother Fans Think That Malika Just Broke One Of The Rules

Viewers of the Channel 5 show have been quick to point something out. And 'fix' claims have surfaced again...

Another series of Celebrity Big Brother, another ‘fix’ claim.

Yup. It’s fair to say that the reality TV gameshow is never without its controversy, regularly sparking conversation over whether it’s ‘scripted’ or ‘fake’.

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This time, it’s Malika Haqq – who just so happens to be best pals with Khloe Kardashian – that has got tongues wagging, with eagle-eyed fans latching onto one comment that she’s made since entering the house.

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During a chat with newcomer Ginuwine, who entered the house on Friday night’s live show, viewers thought they’d caught Malika letting slip that she’d broken one of Big Brother’s biggest rules – contact with the outside world.

The KUWTK star told the Pony singer: ‘My girl [Khloe] had tweeted asking everybody how can I see her? She wants to know everything. She told me she will climb in here!’.

Of course, fans quickly took to social media to question how she would have known this information without having access to the internet.

‘‘How does Malika know what Khloe has been tweeting? Since when the guys in the #CBB house gets access to their Twitter [sic],’ one confused fan wrote.

Others, however, seem to have come up with a perfectly plausible explanation.

Let’s not forget that a whole handful of new housemates – including Love Island‘s Jonny and former Midfielder John Barnes – entered the house after Malika, and they did have access to all sorts of things that had been going on in the ‘real’ world.

No doubt, one of them would have filled Malika in on her best friend’s tweets – especially as they made headlines.

In fact, producers of the show have now spoken out to confirm this theory.

‘Khloe Kardashian tweeted on 3rd January and the male housemates entered the CBB house on 5th January, so it is possible that any of the male housemates would have seen the tweet before entering the CBB house,’ a Channel 5 spokesperson told the Express.

No dramz to see here.