Celebrity Big Brother Viewers Are ‘Uncomfortable’ With The Treatment Of Shane/Courtney

Celebrity Big Brother fans have been sharing their thoughts and feelings about the ‘bullying’ of Shane Jenek.

The professional drag queen, also known as Courtney Act, has been making an incredibly positive impression on the public, particularly thanks to the articulate and non-judgemental way he has been representing LGBTQ+ issues and bringing them to the forefront of conversation.

Yup, he’s the perfect ambassador.

But, following a disagreement with fellow housemate Amanda Barrie, viewers are concerned that he’s now being treated unfairly.

Shane, understandably, has drawn attention to former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe’s unsupportive history when it comes to issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community.

Since then, he has found himself up for eviction, with nominations coming from Amanda, Ashley James, Jess Impiazzi, Shane Lynch and Wayne Sleep.

Of course, nominations are the name of the game. But Shane has also described the isolation he is feeling.

‘I feel like Wayne and I were chummier before, and I feel like Amanda’s moment with me trickled to Ann and to Jess a little,’ he said.

‘I’ve gone from feeling like I’m good friends with everyone, to feeling awkward.’

Big Brother also set up a task which saw the six nominated housemates being ranked in various categories, which included entertainment, loyalty and honesty. Playing out in front of the whole house, Jess and Wayne put Shane as the least loyal and honest.

Viewers took to Twitter to argue that Shane was being singled out.

‘This is turning into bullying and it’s uncomfortable to watch #cbb,’ one wrote.

Another added: ‘This is why we need groups like @stonewall Because when you try to assert your rights, and open people’s minds to being more tolerant, you’re accused of bullying. #CBB’.

CBB will continue tonight at 9pm, on Channel 5.