You Can Now Date A Celeb!

Picture the scene: you’re sitting at home idly flicking through Tinder profiles. Suddenly amidst all the dodgy lines and guys who blatantly have girlfriends you spot a gem, an actual diamond in the rough: your fave celeb, your number one crush! Quickly, you swipe right and the magic words pop up ‘you’ve got a match!’ A couple of messages later, you’re sitting opposite him in a restaurant, he’s laughing at your jokes, he’s complimented your dress…

Fast forward a few years and you’re married to him, live in a mansion in LA and are good friends with Brad and Ange. And all thanks to Tinder!

Would never happen, right? Wrong! Now, thanks to Tinder’s new function all your dating dreams can come true… Well, kind of. The dating app has now introduced a verified button – like the little blue tick on Twitter it tells you whether that guy who says he’s Bradley Cooper is actually Bradley Cooper, and you’re not being catfished by John from accounts.



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OK – so it doesn’t quite guarantee you’ll end up marrying Prince Harry, but it is one step closer to an A-Lister romance especially as there are quite a few celebs already on the app, from the Z-List (Duncan from Blue) to the bona fide A-List (Leonardo DiCaprio!) The ladies are also on there – with Katy Perry confessing to using the app, alongside Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.



Unfortunately there is one celeb who you won’t see on there: Ed Sheeran. He was said to have been offered to be one of the first celebs to take advantage of the new function, but turned them down. Could that have anything to do with his rumoured new romance with Selena Gomez, we wonder?