Celeb Nail Art At The Met Gala: Our 5 Faves

Katy Perry didn’t just go all out on her dress at the Met Gala last night, but paid special attention to her talons, which are probably our favourite nail art design – ever!

The gold-studded manicure made her look like she’d been dipping her fingers in a secret treasure chest and we loved it.

But hers weren’t the only nails rocking our world this weekend. All our favourite stars got nail-art-happy at last night’s bash. Nicole Richie set off her new silver-grey barnet with gold cuticle and maroon talons, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, dusted her simple black nails with gold powder.

Jennifer Lawrence kept it really simple with a short cut and single jewel look, but our second best nails of the night were Sienna Miller’s punked-out black claws with amazing silver studs.

It’s safe to say they well and truly nailed it!

By Lucy Hancock, 7 May 2013

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