The Mystery Behind CBB’s Nicola McLean’s Eye Has Been Solved

After the Celebrity Big Brother was seen holding her eye on last night's show, the truth has been uncovered...

In case you missed last night’s Celebrity Big Brother, there was a whopping great big row between, well, everyone.

It all kicked off when housemate Kim Woodburn got into an altercation with Stacy Francis after Stacy fell out with The Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham.

Upon entering the bedroom, Kim then began to attack several other housemates including Bianca Gascoigne. But Nicola jumped in to defend her.

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Nicola was seen struggling with her right eye during a row with Kim…

Stepping in to tell Kim to leave Bianca alone, Nicola confronted Kim (who was clearly in the mood for arguing) – but viewers couldn’t help but notice something a little odd.

During their row, Nicola was seen holding her right eye with her hand, not even letting go when she later rushed to the Diary Room in tears.

What was going on? An unknown injury perhaps? Did we miss something?

nicola mclean cbb

Nicola concerned fans with her strange behaviour…

When she later returned to join her housemates, Nicola was then seen closing her eye as she struggled to keep it open. And fans were concerned.

‘What was up with Nicola’s eye?’, one tweeted.

‘Why was #Nicola holding her eye?’, asked another.

Whilst a third tweeted: ‘Did Kim stab Nicola in the eye?! I can’t cope!!! #CBB’.

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However, the confusion surrounding Nicola’s painful eye has now been explained. Because guys, she was just trying to remove her contact lenses.


‘Nicola is absolutely fine’, a source toldΒ The Mirror. ‘She was trying to remove her contact lenses at the time.’

‘She was in the middle of doing so when the argument broke out. She was just trying to take out her contacts’, it added.

Mystery solved.