CBB’s Lewis Bloor Tells Marnie Simpson He LOVES Her

Tonight's episode brings a *pretty* big confession from Lewis Bloor...

It’s often pretty notable that relationships move kinda fast in the Big Brother house…

One minute they’re near-enough strangers, the next it’s like they have a family-of-four and a nice little house in the countryside.

And this years Celebrity Big Brother lovebirds, Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor, appear to have stuck to this tradition, as during tonight’s episode, Lewis Bloor drops the L-bomb on Marnie.Marnie and Lewis

Yep, Lewis tells his beau of just under two weeks that he ‘loves’ her. Isn’t it all very exciting?!

According to The Mirror, the ex-TOWIE boy tells Geordie Shore’s Marnie his true feelings during a little song. Because, ya’know, romance.

Reportedly, Marnie runs in to tell her fellow housemates the news – sharing: ‘He sang, “Her name is Marnie” and then he just broke song and said, “And I just love her” and then he went, “And there is Saira” and carried on’.

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After the Geordie Shore ‘gal reportedly asks if they thought Lewis meant it, Frankie allegedly replies ‘oh he meant it. He’s in love with you’.

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The pair have grown very close during their first few days in the house, with Lewis recently telling Marnie, ‘I’ve got you in here and all I really care about is looking after you and myself. I ain’t putting myself in a position where people can have a go at me…’. Cayoooot!

Despite this, however, viewers have often been a bit sceptical over how genuine the couple are- with many labelling the couple a ‘showmance’. Boo!

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In fact, a recent report published by The Daily Star has alluded to Marnie ‘using’ Lewis Bloor to stay in the CBB house- it was alleged that Marnie is ‘plotting to have sex with  Lewis Bloor in order to keep her place in the Celebrity Big Brother house’.

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However, it would appear that the sceptics have been proven wrong- as Marnie herself recently shared to CBB housemate Chloe Khan ‘he’s so fit… So sexy… Do you not think he’s too good looking for me?’ before calling the Essex ‘fella a ‘proper gentleman’.

It must be love!

Alice Perry