CBB’s James Jordan Speaks Out Against One Housemate On Loose Women

The controversial contestant has continued with his opinions outside of the house...

Celebrity Big Brother‘s James Jordan didn’t exactly get along with Kim Woodburn during the short time that they spent in the house together.

But, even after the professional dancer’s eviction, the drama has continued to unfold on our screens, leaving many to brand the How Clean Is Your House? star as one of the most controversial contestants to ever take part on the reality gameshow.

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James Jordan Loose Women

The 38-year-old, who appeared on Loose Women today, spoke out about that huge argument that everyone has been discussing.

Speaking out about Kim’s antics, James J explained, ‘She’s getting away with it because she’s an older lady.’

He continued, ‘It’s really horrible. She’s gone in there for that reason.’

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Viewers watched as Kim was removed from the main house during a particularly volatile argument on Wednesday night. She also branded Jamie an ‘adulterer’, even bringing his three children into the equation. Hmm.

James thinks that this was totally unacceptable, telling the ITV panel: ‘It’s not her business. Don’t bring people’s children or families into it.’

He added, ‘She should know better. My grandparents don’t behave like that and they’re older. As you get older you should learn more. She seems angry all the time.’

Ola Jordan’s husband also expressed his belief that Kim’s behaviour is all part of a game plan.

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He explained, ‘She’s done what she went in to do. She’s a massive fan of the show, she’s watched every episode. She wanted to create drama.

‘She’s not exactly the nicest lady. She knows she’s on TV and does it at times when she knows the cameras are on her, which is all the time. It was her plan from the beginning.

‘You can have an opinion, but she does it for no reason.’

Viewers shared their thoughts on his Loose Women appearance, and it seemed to be a mixed bag of opinions.

Reactions included: