Are *These* CBB Housemates About To Walk Out Over Bear’s Behaviour?

It seems that Stephen Bear and his pals are getting a bit too much for the rest of the house...

Stephen Bear has been having quite an impact on the atmosphere in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and it seems as though it’s taking its toll on some of the housemates.

After the Ex On The Beach star was voted to be put up for eternal nomination, it was pretty clear that most of the CBB lot expected to see him go on Tuesday night. But after Saira was evicted instead of him, things have only got more difficult for one half of the house.

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Last night’s show saw the youngest members of the house – yup, we’re looking at you, Marnie, Lewis, Bear and Chloe – take things to another level in the partying stakes.

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Following some, err, NSFW antics in the bathroom, followed by some more NSFW behaviours in the garden, they moved things to the bedroom. And they took cake with them.

No, it’s not quite as naughty as it sounds, but they did have a mini food fight. And Lewis did get his manhood out again, only this time he covered it up with something pink.

Heavy D asked them all to calm down and show respect to the rest of the house, but the remaining housemates decided it was time to take action.

James rounded up the troops and lead Aubrey, Frankie, Katie, Ricky and Samantha into the diary room. And they told Big Brother how they really felt.

The radio presenter explained, ‘We can’t go on like this…we all want to leave’.


He continued, ‘There are four protagonists and they have over stepped the line tonight.

‘This could be the first strike in the history of Big Brother and I’m very Right wing!’

Will anyone walk? Will they refuse to leave the diary room until something changes?

You know what we’re going to say; we’ll be tuning in tonight to find out…