CBB’s Coleen Nolan Gets Emotional About Her Fall-Out With Calum Best

After her 'one-night stand' comment about fellow housemate Calum Best, Coleen has since got upset about hurting him in the Diary Room...

So things got pretty awkward between Coleen Nolan and Calum Best on Celebrity Big Brother last night. And it sounds like Coleen’s already feeling some pangs of regret.

It all started when Coleen was asked to give a sexy dance to the housemate she fancied the most as part of one of Big Brother‘s games of Truth Or Dare, and chose Calum.

With the dance over, Coleen then found herself in the bedroom trying to explain to fellow single good-looking CBB lad Jamie O’Hara why she picked Calum.

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coleen nolan

Coleen gave Calum a lapdance on last night’s CBB show…

‘Don’t be anything other than you are,’ Coleen told Jamie after claiming he was ‘too nice’. ‘Although I mess about with Calum, if I was younger and in here it would be you.’

Coleen then proceeded to refer to Calum as more of a ‘one night stand kinda guy’ exactly when Calum walked into the room.


calum best

Calum was upset by Coleen’s comments about him…

After a visibly hurt Calum stormed out of the room, he then ranted in the Diary Room about the unfair comment, saying: ‘I’d worked my a** off to change a reputation that I was stuck with.’

Since then, Nolan has broken down in tears in the Diary Room in scenes that will air this week.

‘I’ve upset Calum and that wasn’t my intention because he’s seriously just the loveliest guy’, the 51-year-old said.

Wiping away tears, she added: ‘I know Calum has got this Playboy reputation but I never think of him like that and I don’t think he really has any more.

‘He’s never said once to me since we’ve been in here, “I’m trying to lose this rep”. I didn’t know it was a big deal. I didn’t mention the word Playboy.

‘It’s just hard because Calum doesn’t really get annoyed at anyone’, she added. ‘And he was so lovely to me and said lovely things in the [last] task to me which not just made my night, they just meant so much to me. I just feel like I ruined it.’

Aw. We hope these two manage to patch things up soon.