CBB Chloe Khan’s Ex Says She’s Lying To People In The House

Chloe's ex Ian Hough has said that Chloe lied on her way into the house, and calls her a 'gold digger'

Celebrity Big Brother is already shaping up to be a corker this year, and one woman who’s not short of entertainment is Chloe Khan.

The 25-year-old, formerly known as Chloe Mafia, first found fame in her The X Factor days, but upon entering the house, told fans that they would see a whole new side to her on the show this year.

However, Chloe’s ex, Ian Hough (who is the father of Chloe’s daughter, Destiny), has just dropped a bombshell.

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‘I know Chloe and she’s gone in there to make herself a lot more famous and show this new side of her that she’s just made up,’ Ian told The Sun.

Hang on, she made it up?! Hmm.

Ian continued to add that the housemates should ‘watch out’ before likening his ex to a ‘gold digger’. Ouch.

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Chloe’s ex insists she’s putting on an act in the house…

‘She wants to show people she’s changed but she hasn’t. She’s one of them girls that you see in films – when there’s a rich old man in his seventies and eighties, she’ll be there waiting for him to die and take his millions.’

Years after appearing on The X Factor back in 2010, Chloe decided to re-brand herself, dropping her ‘Mafia’ surname and moving to America with her daughter to start a new life.

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In a documentary that aired last year, Rags To Riches, Chloe explained how she’d set up her own webcam business, and was now living a good life.

‘My lifestyle now is really really nice, it’s mansions and private jets, things that I would have dreamed of that seemed unrealistic,’ she said.

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