CBB: Megan McKenna Is Issued With A Formal Warning

Celebrity Big Brother got pretty scary last night.

Ex On The Beach‘s Megan McKenna was seen directing a foul-mouthed rant at housemate Tiffany Pollard, calling the American reality star a ‘ghetto c***’.

Megan McKenna on Celebrity Big Brother



The tirade was so ferocious, members of the show’s security team were forced to enter the house and restrain her. They then issued her with a formal warning.

A spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Megan has received a formal warning from Big Brother for unacceptable behaviour. This will be seen in Friday night’s episode.’

Megan McKenna on Celebrity Big Brother The argument began in the bedroom


The argument began mid-way through a furious conversation between Megan and ex-EastEnders actor John Partridge over cleaning.

Tiffany couldn’t help giggling at the exhange, which led Megan to shout: ‘I don’t know why you’re laughing Tiffany, he’s the one who wanted everyone to walk out of this house for you! I stood up for you.’

Megan McKenna on Celebrity Big Brother Megan McKenna ranted in the Diary Room


Earlier this week, Tiffany was seen breaking down after mistakenly believing housemate David Gest had died. In fact, it was Angie Bowie’s ex-husband David Bowie.

After Megan’s comment, Tiffany tried to leap out of bed towards her, which caused Big Brother to demand that Megan retreat to the bathroom.

She was then ordered to the Diary Room, where the controversial rant occurred.

Megan McKenna on Celebrity Big Brother Megan McKenna was restrained by security


We had some sad news for you earlier this week… Jonathan Cheban QUIT the Celebrity Big Brother house.

It was confirmed that Kim Kardashian‘s BFF had walked, with a Channel 5 spokesperson revealing: ‘Jonathan Cheban has decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House.’

Jonathan Cheban Jonathan Cheban has exited the Celebrity Big Brother house


Jonathan later explained his reason for leaving, saying: ‘I feel like I came to my end of the rope here. The house is turning and I don’t want to stay for that second part of it.

‘I just think that, I tried to entertain the gang in there and laugh and no one is laughing anymore.’

‘I kind of ran out of things to do with them. You start to know everything about everybody and there’s nothing else to talk about except food.

Jonathan Cheban and housemates Jonathan Cheban says goodbye to his housemates


‘And since I’m the most hungry person all time and there’s no food left tonight, it would have been a rough night for me, so I just knew that the sign of no food left was the sign it was time to go.’

Wah. We’re gonna miss you, Jonathan.

Jonathan Cheban and Gemma Collins Jonathan Cheban gave his pal Gemma Collins a hug before walking


This isn’t the first shocker we’ve experienced this series. Last week, one of the housemates made a HUGE announcement on the show.

Strictly Come Dancing professional Kristina Rihanoff announced that she and her boyfriend Ben Cohen are expecting a baby!

The emotional 38-year-old told housemates: ‘There was something [that] happened in my life before I came into the house over Christmas.

Kristina Rihanoff on Celebrity Big Brother Kristina Rihanoff had *big* news for her housemates


‘And obviously I thought it’s very private news, you know, but because we are living as one family now and everybody is sort of supporting one another now.

‘It happened to be that I found that my boyfriend and I are going to have a little one.’

She was quickly congratulated by her fellow contestants, before Kristina revealed that she was ‘almost three months’ gone. Aw.

Kristina Rihanoff on Celebrity Big Brother Kristina Rihanoff clearly felt emotional


So who else is in the house?

This year’s celebrities include Danniella Westbrook, Geordie Shore‘s Scotty T, ex-Hollyoaks lady Stephanie Davis and TOWIE‘s Gemma Collins.

They’re joined by Darren Day, Irish model Jeremy McConnell and Nancy Dell’Olio. Politician Winston McKenzie has already been evicted.

Gemma Collins and Scotty T Gemma Collins and Scotty T are in the house


Of course, the dramz began pretty much as soon as the doors closed on the contestants.

Darren and John were quick to become BB’s first victims, having nominated themselves to be locked away in a box for a ‘frugal life without any luxuries’. Eek.

John Partridge and Darren Day John Partridge and Darren Day ended up locked up together


Then an interview about Stephanie’s alleged fling with former One Direction singer Zayn Malik emerged.

The 22-year-old – who played Sinead O’Connor in Hollyoaks – is said to have dated Zayn, 22, back in 2011, before he became involved with his ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards.

Talking to Channel 5 before entering the house, she claimed: ‘I’m not about to spill beans [on Zayn]. It was years ago, I don’t know why people are still bothered.

Stephanie Davis Stephanie Davis is said to have once dated Zayn Malik


‘Zayn is a good guy and I’ve not a bad word to say about him, and I know he’s not got a bad word to say about me. It lasted five months – is that even a relationship? It ended well.

‘I hope he’s happy now he’s left – I think that’s the best thing he could have done for himself. I hope he votes for me!’

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Zayn Malik Zayn Malik is now romancing model Gigi Hadid


Steph’s not the only one with an impressive celebrity connection – Jonathan (obvs) has plenty of insider info on Kimmy K.

As we know, he’s starred alongside the 35-year-old in Keeping Up With The Kardashians since the show began in 2007.

Talking about his pal before the first programme, he said: ‘She’s just Kim. She’s really sweet.’

Jonathan Cheban Jonathan Cheban has known Kim Kardashian for years


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However, he can’t say the same for himself, adding: ‘I’m not as nice as I am on the show, because those are my close friends. I think the real me is a lot stronger and less kiss-ass.

‘I’m actually the opposite, I’m a nightmare. If I see something I don’t like, or something that bothers me, I can’t hold it in.’

Jonathan Cheban and Kim Kardashian We’re sure Kim Kardashian will be supporting Jonathan Cheban


Why did you have to quit, Jonathan?!