The Biggest CBB Fight Yet Is Coming Tonight Between Bear And Aubrey

Eep. Grab the popcorn, people...

If you thought Celebrity Big Brother had been dramatic up until now, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Because tonight, there’s going to be a HUGE bust-up between Stephen Bear and Audrey O’Day – perhaps the biggest CBB row yet.


If you don’t like spoilers, then it’s probably best not to read on… But if you DO, then grab the popcorn, and settle in for the ride.

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CBB’s Bear angers Aubrey after he picks on Renee on tonight’s show…

In new shots obtained by the Mirror, we see a furious Aubrey screaming at Bear that he’s a ‘waste of life’, reportedly after she witnessed Bear taunting Renee.

‘The producers, everybody who does this f***ing show thinks you’re a f***ing a**hole!’ Aubrey tells Stephen. ‘They like laughing at you.’

Things then get physical as Mob Wives‘ Renee Graziano ends up having to step in between the feuding duo to stop Aubrey from launching herself at Bear.

‘You’re an exclamation point’, she scathes. ‘You’re a punch line! You’re going to get 15 minutes and then it’s going to be over! Then being an a*****e isn’t going to get you a paycheque anymore!’


Aubrey loses her temper with Bear as she calls him a ‘waste of life’

‘You’re a waste of a life’, she added.

Big Brother ultimately has to step in to stop the row, with Bear being called to the Diary Room to cool down. Later, we see him looking to Ricky Norwood for a shoulder to cry on.

Blimey. We don’t see Aubrey and Bear being BFFs anytime soon, then.