Why CBB Fans Are Suspicious Of Austin Armacost’s Diary Room Meltdown

Austin is accused of 'acting' after his explosive Diary Room meltdown on last night's Celebrity Big Brother...

Last night’s Celebrity Big Brother was a pretty explosive one for Austin Armacost.

The returning CBB star was seen rowing with housemate Stacy Francis as he told her he ‘didn’t like her’ and alluded that some of his fellow housemates felt the same.

But after James Jordan rushed to Stacy’s defence and attacked Austin for his unkind words, the US star was seen raging in the Diary Room as he told Big Brother he wanted to go home.

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‘Don’t try and talk me out of it, my mind’s made up,’ the 28-year-old ranted.

He went on to call CBB a ‘f***ed-up situation’ and said that being without his boyfriend was proving tough before standing up and banging on the wall as he screamed about needing to leave the house.

It all reached boiling point when Austin then took his top off (to get rid of his mic, we’re guessing) and threatened to ‘rip the door off’.

CBB’s Austin was seen ranting as he asked to leave the house

‘This is not a fun experience for me, you know that,’ he cried. ‘I’m f***ked-up in the head right now.’

However, CBB viewers at home soon took to Twitter to accuse the star of acting out the whole thing.

‘Fake and dreadful acting,’ one tweeted. ‘Omg austin how embarrassing, so fake its tragic #cbb’, slammed another.

Whilst a third wrote: ‘Omg this is such bad acting – really s*** to watch Austin #cbb cringing’.

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