CBB’s Angie Best Hits Back After Criticism Of Her Loose Women Interview

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant has been criticised for her comments about Coleen Nolan...

Angie Best appeared to upset quite a few people with her constant comments about food and fitness during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. And, despite being evicted in Friday night’s live show, she’s come under fire once again following an appearance on Loose Women.

Taking a spot on the panel on today’s ITV show, Calum Best’s mother was quizzed on her time taking part in the Channel 5 gameshow.

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It didn’t take too long for fellow housemate Coleen Nolan – who’s also a regular on the ITV lunchtime chat show, obvs – to come up in conversation, with the panel asking whether or not Angie had been ‘too harsh’ to her in the house.

The pair famously came head-to-head over Coleen’s smoking habits, with Angie – who has a career as a Lifestyle Advisor – telling the mum-of-three that she should be looking after her body better.

Angie Best Loose Women

Reflecting on her time in the CBB house, Angie told today’s Loose Women panel: ‘Coleen is a very strong, independent woman.

‘But at that age, you lose your mojo, you lose your confidence. I didn’t know [then] about her marriage problems.’

Lisa Riley defended her friend, telling Angie, ‘But maybe that’s the last thing she wants to think about – she’s having marriage problems, she doesn’t want to think about training and weight loss.’

Angie, controversially, then pointed out that if she had thought about it, she might not be having marriage problems. Err.

She told the panel, ‘But if she had taken that on board earlier, maybe she wouldn’t have marital problems.’

Angie Best

Linda Robson then said, ‘I don’t think the marital problems are to do with her weight.’

‘Well he said he didn’t find her attractive anymore,’ Angie said, defending her earlier comment.

She then added, ‘She still needs to have her confidence back.’

Viewers chimed in on social media, with reactions including:

However, after no doubt seeing the wave of criticism on social media, Angie Best took to her own account to try and clarify what she meant by her comments.

The 64-year-old wrote: ‘To clarify I never mentioned to @NolanColeen nor @loosewomen about weight loss, getting your mojo back is all about confidence = hormones’.

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