CBB’s Amelia Lily Reveals That Sarah Harding Will Marry Chad Johnson

The CBB winner could be taking a BIG step with her American beau...

Former The X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Amelia Lily has spilled the beans on what’s really going on with her fellow CBB co-stars Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson…

The singer spoke to The Sun at the Women Inspiration Awards and divulged all the juice gossip.

‘The chemistry between them is immense,’ she began. ‘I think they will get married, they are so into each other. It could be sooner than you think.’


Amelia Lily was the runner-up on this year’s CBB

‘In the house they had such a connection so if they continue that on the outside I reckon they will definitely get married. I really hope so!’ the reality TV star concluded.

However, when Sarah recently appeared on Loose Women, she didn’t sound as certain about her relationship…

‘It’s going okay,’ the former Girls Aloud singer spoke to the panel. ‘He’s gone back to LA now so I don’t know…’

Hmm… Hardly convincing, is it?

But Sarah did hint that she would be visiting him whenever she could: ‘I’ve got some work possibly lined up in LA in the next few weeks.’

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‘I want to be sensible about this,’ she confessed to the Loose Women. ‘I didn’t fancy any of the lads when I got in the house, with me and Chad we only had each other to lean on and after we were both nominated things grew.’

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The CBB winner continued to discuss how she found leaving the show: ‘Going out was the scariest part because you didn’t know what you were going out to. There was safety in numbers and they were all voting against me because they thought I had the biggest fan-base’.

And talking about how it felt to win the show, Sarah still seemed surprised: ‘I’ve had so much written about me in the past, you go through a whole spectrum of emotions in there. I’m still in shock.’

But will Sarah and Chad’s relationship last outside the house? Only time will tell…