Catherine Tyldesley Responds To Claims About Her Debut Gig

It's been reported that ticket sales aren't going as well as hoped, but Cath's hit back on Twitter...

Catherine Tyldesley is one talented lady, isn’t she?

Not only does the 32-year-old play Eva Price on Coronation Street, but she’s also launching a music career.

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Yep. Cath’s managed to make the time to play out that cheating storyline, as well as record and release her debut single Rise.

Now she’s ready to start performing, recently announcing that her debut show will take place at Manchester’s The Quays Theatre on 3 December.

What with her being in the nation’s living rooms most days of the week, you’d think it’d be a sell-out, right?

Shayne Ward and Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley plays Eva Price in Coronation Street

But unfortunately for Cath, reports over the weekend suggested that this isn’t the case. Eep.

According to The Sun On Sunday, she’s sold just 113 tickets for the concert.

A source said: ‘You’d have expected far more tickets to have shifted by now. But the reception has been lukewarm.


‘It’s a concern for the team at the theatre, who aren’t keen on letting the show go ahead with a lot of empty seats.’

It’s also been reported that Rise failed to make the top 100 when it was released last month.

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However, Catherine has since hit back on her Twitter page, writing: ‘Certain papers should check facts before printing negativity…#yourkarma #slowdayfornews.’

She later continued: ‘Funny how they chose not to print the facts we gave them isn’t it?’

Her spokesperson has also said that a publicity drive will take place, saying: ‘Once people know about the show we are confident that ticket sales will be given a significant boost.’

Hmmm. TBH, December is still a couple of months away, so there’s plenty of time for tickets to be sold. You keep doing you, Cath!