Catherine Tyldesley Opens Up About Her Body Shamers

We *cannot* believe the things people have said to the stunning Coronation Street actress...

There’s no denying that Catherine Tyldesley is one gorgeous lady.

If possible, the Coronation Street actress has been looking even more ah-mazing since giving birth to her and husband Tom Pitfield’s son Alfie last March.

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Catherine Tyldesley Wedding

Catherine Tyldsley and husband Tom Pitfield welcomed son Alfie last year

But despite this, Cath, 32, has admitted that she’s been the target of trolls, who’ve bullied her both for exercising AND being ‘chubby’. Um.

She tells Hello!: ‘During my pregnancy I was criticised for weight training, by people who have zero knowledge about the wonderful benefits of keeping fit while pregnant.

‘Once I’d had my baby, I was by, a small minority of trolls called “chubby”.

Catherine Tyldesley body shamers

Could someone please explain to us how Catherine Tyldesley’ could be described as ‘chubby’?

‘The same trolls then called me “selfish” for spending time at the gym. “It’s a spare hour that you should be with your son…”‘

Firstly, we don’t know how anyone could criticise Cath’s body. And secondly, we think it’s up to to her to make decisions about how she parents her little boy, don’t you?

Catherine Tyldesley Tom Pitfield

Luckily, Catherine – who plays Eva Price in the ITV soap – isn’t letting the trolls get her down. And she isn’t about to apologise for giving herself some ‘me’ time.

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She continues: ‘I involve Alfie as much as I can – taking him for countryside hikes, keeping fit as a family, bringing him to set – to see where mummy works.


‘But if I want to do a gym session or get my nails done, I think I should do it? It makes me happy and I think it’s so important to still have “me” time.’

We totally agree, lady.