These Waitresses *Can* Get Fired For Weight Gain

With recent stories of LinkedIn sexism and a gender pay gap issue that’s still as big as it’s ever been, it’s no secret that women aren’t treated the same in business. 

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But, news reports of a group of waitresses being judged – and even punished in the workplace – for their appearance is really quite shocking.

Borgata Hotel Casino, in Atlantic City, has been called out by 21 cocktail waitresses on their staff for their majorly sexist appearance standards.

According to the waitresses, who are dubbed ‘Borgata Babes’, cocktail staff have been required to take part in periodic weigh-ins at work, and have even experienced suspension if their body weight goes up by more than 7% of what it was when they were first employed by the company.

You might be thinking ‘how can they be allowed to get away with that?’ And we wouldn’t blame you, because those are the first thoughts that flooded into our minds too.

The case was originally taken to court in 2013, according to TIME. In the original report, they said: ‘…in 49 states around the U.S., there’s still at least one that’s legal: discrimination based on weight.’

But, the judge, who refused to even take the complaints against Borgata to trial, has ruled that these waitresses were aware of the casino’s strict appearance standards when they accepted the job.

Oh, well that’s alright then. Can you detect our sarcasm?

According to Eater, the Restaurant Opportunities Center United have released a 34-page report detailing the high prevalence of sexual harassment in the industry, both within the workplace and by customers.

A whopping 90% of female restaurant workers claimed to experience some type of sexual harassment, the report states. 

Apparently, it’s not all bad though.

Around half of the women in the Borgata case will be permitted to continue their pursuit of the case, on the grounds that they have ‘documented medical conditions or post-pregnancy conditions.’ Therefore, they can challenge the casino for ‘sexual harassment hostile work environment discrimination.’ 

What a mouthful. 

There’s clearly still a long way to go… 

By Laura Jane Turner