Caroline Flack’s Mystery Boyfriend Finally Revealed!

Caroline Flack has done an impressive job of keeping her new man’s identity under wraps, but it has now been reported that the Xtra Factor presenter is dating 25-year-old music manager hotty Jack Street. We definitely approve… 

33-year-old Flackers is said to have been seeing Jack, who manages Disclosure and Sam Smith, since the start of summer, and although neither have yet gone on the record to confrm they’re officially locking lips, the pair have been spotted looking cosy at Glastonbury and Wireless festivals together. Not to mention flirting up a storm on Twitter...

Earlier this month, Jack was seen insulting Cazza’s Chinese cooking before promising to tend to her creepy-crawly problem last week. “Can you come catch my daddy long legs please??” she wrote, to which Jack replied: “2 minutes. Be careful, they’re poionous…” Scooping up spiders while your lady quivers on the sofa with spatula in hand? Sounds like superhero boyfriend behaviour to us.

Caroline’s even tweeted a picture of her arm with the initials ‘JS’ drawn in a heart with a biro. Jason Statham? Jessica Simpson? JACK STREET? We know which one our money’s on.

Caroline recently gushed about the fact that she’d found a new fella, but shied away from naming him. “He’s lovely, we’re very happy and very close but I’m afraid his identity must remain a secret,” she told the Daily Star last month.

Let’s be honest, she wasn’t going to keep a hotty like that hidden for long, was she? And with Jack said to have introduced Caroline to his brother Tom, it looks like these two could be going places.

We’re mega happy for the leggy lady!

By Robyn Munson

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