Caroline Flack Says The Love Island Final Will Be ‘Different’

It’s official. The world has gone Love Island crazy. And we’re totally on board with that.

Even Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have been getting in on the action, inviting host Caroline Flack on today’s This Morning – well, through video link, as she’s currently on the island waiting to film tonight’s final (eeek!).

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So, did Flackers spill any need-to-know secrets? OF COURSE SHE DID.


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The ITV2 host revealed that there’ll be a plot twist that’s slightly different than last year’s.

If your love for the show goes back to the last series, you’ll remember that the winning couple were faced with the question: ‘Love or money?’.

If they were greedy (and didn’t have feelings, obvs) and both chose ‘money’, they would each walk away with nothing.



If only one chose ‘money’, and the other chose ‘love’, the one saying ‘money’ would take home the full £50,000. But we’d imagine they’d also be going home single after pulling a stunt like that.

But if they both opted for ‘love’, they’d share the money and go off into the sunset together. Aw.

Caroline explained on This Morning, ‘It will be slightly different to last year but it will come down to love or money, and we’ll explain that later on tonight in the final.’

Ooh. We wonder how it will be different…



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Caroline gushed about the series – it HAS been amazing, right? – saying that it’s been like ‘real life’.

She continued, ‘I think the storylines this year have been really real and you get hooked on people’s relationships and what happens. The cast and characters have been fantastic.’


There are four couples left – Nathan and Cara, Alex and Olivia, Scott and Kady, and Adam and Katie – and we’ll finally find out who wins at 9pm tonight, on ITV2.