Caroline Flack Has Cut One Thing From Her Diet

Post-X Factor life seems to be suiting Caroline Flack. 

The TV presenter has taken to Instagram to showcase her toned gym-honed bod’, wearing a black sports top and matching leggings.

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You’re on fire, girl. 

Her workout of choice? ‘HOT YOGA VIBES’. 

Caroline has revealed that she’s feeling the best she’s ever felt. And this seems to be down to one change in particular.  

The star explained, ‘Week 4 no sugar detox. Feel the best I’ve felt since well… Birth…’


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Caroline also revealed that she’s still got ‘7 weeks to go’ of her diet and exercise plan, but we’re so pleased to see that she’s happy and healthy. 

Adele has also famously cut the sugar from her diet, admitting that she used to down 10 cups of a tea a day, with 20 sugars in them. 

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And Flackers just proved that she can even look gorgeous sans make-up AND after a sweaty yoga sesh. 

Her followers were quick to agree, with one writing, ‘Caroline, you look gorgeous’ and another saying, ‘ it’s all about balance. You’re looking fab and even better that you’re feeling it too’.

But, replying to one comment, Caroline did confess: ‘I miss hobnobs’. 

We feel you, lady.