Caroline Flack ‘Broke Down In Tears’ Over X Factor Hate

Last week Caroline Flack was subject to some very comments on social media, with Twitter users hitting out with nasty jibes against her weight.

The star, who is knew to X Factor this series, has also had to battle against heavy criticism of her presenting skills.

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Now, the X Factor host has spoken out about just how much the ordeal has affected her.

> Caroline captioned this snap shot: ‘Maybe we get too emotionally involved ….’

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Despite hitting back with a seriously sassy comebacks from her personal Twitter account, the blonde presenter has admitted just how hurtful she found the ‘personal’ nature of the comments.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Caroline confessed: ‘I had a little wobbly when I broke down in tears after the second live show’.

She went on: ‘I got a message from a friend asking if I was OK because of all the abuse I was getting online.’

The 36-year-old admitted that she then read into the full extent of the comments: ‘I then looked and it was really personal and horrible.

‘It’s the personal things that hurt. As a female they pick on everything. Your hair, your dress, your weight.’

> Caroline Flack and Olly Murs have really been there for each other


Oh, Flackers.

But it seems that she’s had the support of her co-presenter and close friend Olly Murs.

Caroline revealed: ‘I did have a cry and Olly gave me a big hug, bless him.’

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The presenter also opened up: ‘I’ve had to learn to have thick skin but it doesn’t mean you can handle every bullet that is fired at you. Some of it really hurts.’

She also revealed that she’s enlisted the help of a ‘personal trainer’ and that she felt the need to stay off Twitter for a little while, explaining: ‘I just needed a little break.’

‘I’m not pretending to be the best presenter in the world or the best looking woman. I’m just doing my job.’

And we think you’re doing great, Flackers.