Is This Why Caroline Flack And Olly Murs Aren’t Hanging Out?

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Caroline Flack and Olly Murs hanging out lately, we might have the answer.

As we know, the pair both left the X Factor earlier this year following their joint presenting job on the 2015 series. And since then, Caroline’s gone from posting plenty of pictures of her BFF Olly, to none. Hmm.

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Now, a source is claiming that the pair have actually fallen out over a disagreement surrounding their former X Factor jobs.

Apparently, Caroline is upset with Olly after he found out that they would not be returning for another series, but opted not to tell her.  


‘She’s seething to have lost it under these circumstances, and they are no longer speaking’, a source told The Sun.

‘Of course, Olly has his hugely successful pop career and didn’t really need The X Factor, but that was Caroline’s dream job.’

The source added: ‘Hopefully it will blow over but right now Caroline feels very bitter about the whole thing’.



Oh no! We’re devastated to hear that our favourite TV duo aren’t getting along – we’re not going to lie, we were always holding out for these two to get together romantically.

However, neither Flackers or Olly have spoken out yet, so we’ll wait to see how much truth there is behind these rumours…

Perhaps just a little bit of a barny being blown out of proportion? We hope so.