Why Are People Critiquing Caroline Flack On Love Island?

We love Caroline Flack on Love Island.

The 36-year-old presenter is funny, cool and a total girls’ girl. In fact, we couldn’t think of anyone better to present the ITV2 dating show.

But for some reason, Cazza ended up being the subject of some pretty cruel Tweets last night. Which we really don’t think is fair.

> Caroline Flack announced the Love Island winners last night



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Firstly, people were critiquing her hosting style. One viewer commented: ‘Really hope Caroline Flack doesn’t get a job on next year’s Love Island, literally the only thing I hate about it.’

Others wrote: ‘Caroline Flack is the WORST presenter ever,’ and: ‘Caroline Flack’s presenting skills are hell. Charisma of a wet sponge.’



Erm. We’re not sure what show they were watching, because we couldn’t agree less.

Unfortunately for Caroline, the criticism didn’t end there. She was also accused of flirting with Islander Alex Bowen, who was named runner-up with other half Olivia Buckland.

Tweets included: ‘Is it only me that thinks Caroline flack is after @ab_bowen07,’ and: ‘Looks like @carolineflack1 is trying to crack on with @ab_bowen07 …..[sic].’

> Alex Bowen shared this picture of him with Caroline Flack


Seeing as Cazza had just announced Alex and Liv’s placing, we very much doubt she was thinking about him in that way.

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> Caroline Flack also posed with Olivia Buckland


Not only that, but she’s even spoken about how much she likes Olivia, revealing in a Q&A: ‘I’m a really big Olivia fan. I felt for her throughout the series, because I feel like in her past she’s been let down and I want her to find nice guy.

‘So when Alex told her for the first time how he real felt, he got it so spot on and she had a little tear toll down her cheek… We’ve all been there before when we want the guy to say those exact words to us, and I think I cried.’

>Instagram page"> Caroline Flack shared this shot on her Instagram page


Yes, Caroline was snapped cuddling up to Alex in an Instagram photo from the show’s wrap party last night, but she also took a similar snap with Liv.

So let’s cut her some slack, yeah? Good job, lady.