Caroline Flack Gets Us VERY Excited For Love Island Final

Caroline Flack just made us very excited for this weekend’s Love Island finale.

The TV presenter was supposed to be in London today, but we heard she had to fly to Majorca last minute – and a little birdy told us it was because some VERY important Love Island duties suddenly came up. Ooh.

We know that two couples are leaving the villa tonight, so we’re guessing Caroline needs to be on hand to interview the evictees. But could there be something else?

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> Caroline has also tweeted that Alex and Olivia are her favourites on Love Island


‘Landed in Majorca …. Follow me on snapchat for all the @loveisland Shenans…….right ere’, Caroline tweeted late last night.

The Love Island 2016 final will air next Monday at 9pm. And let’s just say there might be a few surprises…

The 90 minute special will of course see the winning couple being crowned and given the £50,000 prize money, but did you know that the special episode will also be totally LIVE?

> We’ve heard there will be a few surprises on the Love Island finale…


No pressure, Caroline…

Former Islander Tom Powell has also let slip that some of the evictees might be making an appearance for the final show. HOW amazing would that be?!

‘At the weekend they told all of the cast members to keep the week free just in case’, he told the Daily Mirror. ‘I hope something really big happens in the finale. It’s got to end on a bombshell hasn’t it.’

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> Tom has also said the former Islanders might be making a re-appearance…


‘I’d quite like to get back to be honest with you’, Tom added. ‘I do miss it, I do miss it. I’m enjoying being out but I’d like to get back in there and put my two cents in and give my opinion.

Now I know what it’s like on the outside world I can see what people are seeing. I’d like to confront a few people – mentioning no names.’

Ooh. Fly him out to Majorca, already!